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Who We Are

WEBZIS is founded in 2012 with the idea of creating affordable and professional websites for small businesses. This was a revolutionary concept, because most of the web design companies are not able to provide an effective and professional service for a low price that small businesses can afford. WEBZIS founders took this as a challenge and tremendous opportunity. We set out to do what no other web design company has been able to do: to build beautiful and professional websites for really low price. In just a year we have hired 12 new talented employees from around the world. Now we are more than a group of passionate web professionals. We are full service Web Design and Seo Agency. We provide all aspects of custom website from design and creation to search engine optimization and hosting of your website on our servers. As always it has been our aim to provide You with a professional service at a low price.

We pride ourselves with Your success!

326 SEO, 78 websites, 132 logos till today

Our Services

We offer a full range of affordable services for small and medium businesses. Our services include custom Website Design and Redesign, Content Management Systems, E-commerce shopping carts and Portals, Logo design, Search Engine Optimization, Web Hosting, Domain Name, Website Maintenance, Website Backup and Protection and much much more. We develop using technologies and techniques that meet the latest internet standards to ensure your website runs smoothly across all browsers and devices. We understand your business or organization is unique, like your fingerprint, so we take care to look at it from different angles and give you a fresh perspective to identify the most unique mark you can leave. We listen, research, strategize, recommend, create, refine and consult. You’ll always know where your design or website development project is in the process. It will be on time, on budget, and leave the right mark. Our work comes with a simple 100% satisfaction and money back guarantee. We are only happy when our clients are happy. If you aren't satisfied, you may cancel the project at any time and walk away.

Web Design
Logo Design
Search Engine Optimization
Web Hosting
  • Web Design

    html5 / php / cms

    Every successful business must have their own personalized website. The website lets customers visit a business before they step foot in the door or decide to make an investment. With the high value placed in technology and technological competence in this modern age, having a well designed website can make or break a first impression of a company. A difficult to navigate or poorly executed website negatively reflects on any business, from the biggest retailers to new startups. However, a website that makes it easy for customers to get the information they desire creates a positive relationship from the beginning.

  • Logo Design

    Logo / Business Cards

    The logo of a company is the face of the company. Internationally acclaimed companies are quickly recognized by their logos. Golden arches and red bulls-eyes invoke positive images and feelings about a company. All businesses aspire to have this immediate level of recognition. Logo design plays a huge role in creating a successful website. It can be seen from every page and is often used as the bookmark image for links. If the name of a company is not known, at least a memorable logo will be recognizable to the public. Logo design is important, and should be considered by professionals before being added to a website. Logo design should reflect the vision and purpose of a company, while staying true to company values. Overall, a successful website employs clear graphic design and memorable logo design to aid business and internet marketing.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    SEO / SEM

    Web optimization is the most important factor in getting people to your site. More clicks means more viewers, which leads to more sales both in advertising and of your product. In order to optimize your website, different factors must be considered, which include both on-site and off-site techniques. On-site optimization refers to the tools that are designed explicitly for your web page. An error-free code is part of this process and is important in avoiding issues related to ranking or having broken links. Others include keyword density, utilizing relevant information for your products and services, and enlisting a good design. Employing navigation tools such as site maps, menus, tags, and headers, are also very important and allow the viewer a seamless experience. Appearance and first impression are everything and the longer the viewer stays on the page, the more clicks they make or products they buy! If you're serious about creating consumers, don't neglect this important step. Off-site web optimization involves the "behind-the-scenes" work that can be done to support your website and boost your search engine ranking regularly. Back-links, which are similar to votes, include recommendations, and people spreading the word about your site and product. The more recommendations you have, the better, and the more your name is out there, the more people are going to be interested in your company. Social networking on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ help generate traffic to your website, which lead to sales, more article submissions, blog posts, directory submissions, and inclusions into even more social networks, like Google Local.

  • Web Hosting

    cPanel / VPS / Cloud

    Webzis specializes in bringing Secure, Reliable, and Quality Business Class Web Hosting services to a new level. Our clients come to Webzis.com for professional, innovative, and reliable web hosting solutions. We pursue our high standards by achieving complete customer satisfaction, ensuring our hardware and software are up-to-date, and by balancing competitive pricing with quality services.We take web hosting very serious, and you can rest in knowing that your business is being protected by the Webzis team.

The Process

Here is the website design process we follow to make the experience easier to understand.

Planning & Research

Before we start any web design project, our team will take time to understand your business and the types of services you offer to your clients. We also take time to analyse your competitors, to ensure your business stands out from the crowd! At this early stage it also important for us to analyse the way that potential visitors may search for your products and services via search engines. We can ensure that we have content ready for each type of search that is most commonly used, so you are ready to embark on a successful SEO campaign after launch.


Depending on the type of website we are building, our developers will typically develop your website using a HTML5 and CSS3. First we begin to create each of the various design layouts and develop any custom functionality. Once the various layouts and custom functionality are developed, our developers will begin to build out the various levels of website structure (without content initially) so the website can begin to be navigable. At this stage the website will be accessible by you via our development server where you will be able to have a click around yourself and see your website coming to life!

Device / User Testing

At this stage We make sure your website is easy to use and functional on all major devices. We no longer use just a desktop PC to access the web; we use a plethora of different devices throughout the day to access websites, from iPads and phones to Smart TVs. Once your website is nearing completion we test every single page on a range of different devices to ensure the experience is the same regardless of the device used. We also ensure your website is easy to use by carrying out some in-house user-testing.


Once everything has been checked we launch your website. This is obviously the most exciting part of the process, where we finally start to see the impact of you new website. Before we launch your amazing new website we check and double check everything to ensure your new website goes live without a hitch. We handle the entire process to ensure it is as seamless as possible and we can usually assure you that there will be no "down-time" during the launch process.

Once your website is built, you'll not be left on your own. We are more than just a designer – we are your internet marketing partner. We remain available to our clients for everything from consultation and training to support and maintenance. Whether you need occasional recommendations, web hosting or someone to promote your new website – we are here to help You.


For a limited time only, we are offering the following specials. Please mention these specials when requesting a quote. With any order, your new website will be submited to search engines ( Google, Bing, Yahoo ) for FREE.

  • Monthly
  • $49
  • Responsive website HTML5
  • Web Hosting / Domain Name
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Domain based eMail addresses
  • 24/7 Backup and Protection
  • Free Website Updates
  • Plus
  • $399
  • 5 Page Website (HTML5)
  • Search Engine Submission
  • 1 Month Basic Support (email)
  • Website Ownership Rights
  • Integration with Facebook
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Business
  • $699
  • 7 Page Responsive Website
  • Search Engine Submission
  • 1 Month Full Support
  • Website Ownership Rights
  • Integration with Facebook
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Max
  • $999
  • Ecommerce or CMS System
  • Search Engine Submission
  • 1 Month Full Support
  • Website Ownership Rights
  • Facebook / Slider / Contact Us
  • Money Back Guarantee

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